StakeCube Welcomes Tradeable Mine Workers

StakeCube Welcomes Tradeable Mine Workers

Teething problems with the ground-breaking MineCube model have led to ongoing updates — including the introduction of tradeable mine workers.

In the lead-up to the v3 update, StakeCube was inundated with requests from users wanting the flexibility to buy, sell and exchange their MineCube workers.

Granting their wish, the all-in-one crypto ecosystem has now decided to turn workers into bearable assets that can be sold, swapped or sent to other users.

It’s the latest step in StakeCube’s quest to revolutionise the sector by creating decentralised mining contracts.
MineCube workers as SCP contracts
With MineCube workers as assets, the whole concept of DeFi mining contracts is shaken up.

StakeCube intends to implement smart-contract capabilities for the SCC blockchain, SCP or StakeCube Protocol. Over the course of 2021, the company will create assets to represent workers in each of the mining pools.

These workers will then be available for trade, with users able to sell or swap them at different prices according to their profitability. Workers can also be exchanged between users.

Under a revised system of time-split MineCube pools, workers will be shares from one pool rather than shares from all the miners on MineCube (as is currently the case).

When the system starts up, all existing miners will enter Pool 1. From that point, new workers will be shares in Pool 2, with Pool 3 opening later under the same principle.

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